Kai Coffee – Decaf 500g


About the Blend:

If you are a coffee lover it’s more than just a caffeine hit that gets you motivated. It’s the entire experience of creating and crafting your own cup of coffee, the warmth of the mug and the smell of the beans. But the caffeine does make a difference when you are longing for that amazing experience, but it’s the afternoon and you’re not sure you’re willing to commit to a sleepless night. Enter – DECAF! Our decaf partnership with our Colombian importers has brought the best of the best specialty grade coffee’s, run them through the decaffeination process and still been able to deliver an incredible cup.

We think every household should have some on hand and so we’ve added ours to the online platform.

Cupping Notes:

Chocolate, Orange, Tropical Fruit.

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Kai Coffee – Decaf 500g