Buderim Ginger Survival Pack


Looking for the ultimate ginger pick-me-up? Our Buderim Ginger Survival Pack is just for you! Including a range of customer favourites and our top Ginger Beer sellers, you’ll enjoy: Buderim Ginger Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Buderim Ginger Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Buderim Ginger Beer and Spiced Rum, Naked Ginger, Dark Chocolate Ginger and a novelty Buderim Ginger stubbie cooler.

Contents: 330ml Ginger Beer & Spiced rum, 330ml Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 330ml Ginger Beer, 200g Naked Ginger, 150g Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger, Hessian Cooler.
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Father's Day Pack
Buderim Ginger Survival Pack