Bazza Braves the Waves – Hard Cover Picture Book


“Bazza is a great little Aussie Grommie who, in his desire to live life, has to find the courage to face those challenges to achieve his dreams. There’s a lot of stoke in this little hero. Congrats mate great achievement!”
– Barton Lynch surfing legend, 1988 Surfing World Champion, Australian Surfing Hall of Fame and Australian Sporting Hall of Fame inductee.

Join the adventures of Bazza Koala as he swaps his bike for surfboard and embarks on an exciting journey in Bazza Braves the Waves. In this epic children’s book, written by Joshua Appleby, young readers will dive into the world of surfing, friendship, and the power of resilience.

Bazza loves nothing more than catching waves at his favourite beach. But when a scary wipeout leaves him shaken, he must find the courage to paddle back out and face his fears. In this surfing adventure, Bazza discovers that keeping your cool in hectic situations is not only important in the water but also in life.

This tough board/cardboard book is perfect for children ages 0-3 years.

Created by Joshua Appleby. Illustrated by Diana Mendoza.


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Braves The Waves Hardcover
Bazza Braves the Waves – Hard Cover Picture Book